The International School of Morocco opened its doors in the Oasis district of Casablanca in 2011 and was founded by educators.  With two Early Years students enrolled and two teachers ready to facilitate learning, the International School of Morocco was living its mission to “prepare pupils to succeed as responsible global citizens in an ever-changing, increasingly interdependent, world”. Year after year,  more students had enrolled and the learning journey at ISM was rising and taking flight! Each year a new level has been added and now at its current state it is ready to usher in a secondary school program. In the 8 years that ISM has been in existence, our undaunted and committed  founders continue to focus on providing quality education to local, UK and international families. 


International School of Morocco is a school that works extensively to support students towards reaching their full academic, social and emotional potential within a Moroccan, British and international culture. At the International School of Morocco students are the central focus; our small and welcoming school, our small class sizes allow our experienced teachers to nurture individual inquiries and passions. Our learning environments are flexible and engaging, allowing students to explore their world through transdisciplinary units and gain knowledge from informational technology and authentic primary sources: their classmates! As a school we are a community focused on reaching out and supporting local organizations as well as being entrepreneurs and finding ways to support local needs. 


International School of Morocco is well aware of the ever-changing future that our students face. By focusing on both “hard and soft skills” such as coding, creating, critical thinking, communication, creativity and innovation, our students graduate prepared to meet the challenges of the next revolution, the Digital Age.


The process of changing our logo became a community event. We launched an online international design contest inviting submissions from graphic artists around the world. The Senior Leadership team picked 5 of our top logos and then asked our students and their parents to vote for their favourite. The result was the logo that you see.

The mythical Phoenix was chosen as our mascot due to its cyclical nature of rising from the ashes reflecting rebirth. We felt that this cycle fit our philosophy in that we want students to understand  that it is acceptable to fail, that we learn from our failures and that we rise from the “ashes” and grow stronger from each experience . Also we saw it as the cycle of learning in which students enter a new year level and grow as learners through each year of their educational journey. The circle around the Phoenix captures the global aspects of our school as well as our global diversity. The variety of colours reflect our pillars  as well as the multi-cultural nature of our school. We are the soaring Phoenixes rising to a successful future!