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  • Inspire Next Generation Learners: 
    self-directed, multi-lingual, digitally competent, creative, innovative, problem solvers, inquirers, entrepreneurs


  • Nurture Global Citizens:
    service learners, internationally-minded students, open-minded, diverse perspectives  


  • Cultivate Learning:
    passionate community , professional staff,  enriching environment 


  • Create Community: 
    caring, supportive community, community projects,  connect learning to action


  • Collaborate Professionally: 
    commercial networks that support student learning, connections with community organizations,

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​                                           To create learning environments that: 

  • Prepare students for a rapidly changing future 

  • Adapt learning environments to allow students to be self-confident,
    responsible citizens and inquirers 

  • Foster enthusiasm for learning, creating and innovating  

  • Encourage adventurous, undaunted learning 

  • Inspire students to be innovative and independent learners 

  • Allow students to understand that the choices we make have a global impact  

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