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Learning at the International School of Morocco is inquiry based. We teach pupils to become self motivated, independent learners.

What does that mean? It means that the pupils are the ones guiding the teachers. They are the ones asking the questions that they want the answers to. By focusing on the pupils’ own questions, instead of questions imposed by the teacher, pupils are more invested and interested in what they are learning about. They are engaged and self motivated because they chose the topic. Then they are searching for the answers themselves. Teachers act as guides, supporting and leading the pupils to discover and construct their own knowledge. They provide the structure and resources to help students find out the answers to their questions.
They find out answers through research, books, videos, questioning, experimenting and doing.


We are not teaching pupils facts; we are teaching them how to find the answers to their own questions, how to be independent learners.

Once they can do that, they can learn anything!

Younes Mellouki and Lesley Boujeamoui

Director/Proprietor    Head of Teaching and Learning

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